Be True


Looking into a mirror,

My mother right beside me,

She gently stroked my hair,

She said I hope you can see…

Your hair is beautiful,

Those curls, and that shine,

If you treat it right,

It will grow long, like mine.

She ran her finger,

Down my face, then along my jaw,

She said some will gaze at you,

They will likely be in awe.

She moved behind me,

And said I want you to look,

These curves make you a lady,

Like an aftershock, I quietly shook.

She said your eyes are so intense,

Dreamy and filled with desire,

You can use them also ,

To distinguish a liar.

Then she stood in front of me,

Her eyes looking in mine,

She whispered so softly,

Let me show you what makes you “fine”…

She took my hand into hers,

And placed it on my heart,

To be true to yourself,

This, my love, is where you start.

Your hair, your eyes, your curves,

Will catch their attention,

But don’t you ever forget,

If that’s all that they mention,

If they can’t see your heart,

And the depth within,

Then theirs is not open,

Don’t be fooled into their sin,

Just smile, and say thank you,

The way you always do,

The man with integrity knows,

It isn’t what you are, but WHO.