Head vs Heart


Photography by WestKY INFJ

I miss those days,
When we were falling in love,
You said I was your angel,
Sent from heaven above.

I was yours,
And you were mine,
Sweet and tangled together,
Just like a honeysuckle vine.

Because I adored you,
I strived to be better,
But it just wasn’t good enough,
To keep you forever.

For your happiness I prayed,
Each and every plea,
You were my everything,
But you just couldn’t see.

Your expectations of what,
You thought I should be,
Were a painful reminder,
That love never comes free.

I was utterly shocked,
When you threw it away,
But I realize now that,
you never wanted it anyway.

Sometimes in life,
we ultimately fail a test,
Because we simply can’t see,
How much we are blessed.

I had never felt so betrayed,
That’s what I remember most,
Realizing you were gone,
Being left with your ghost.

And now my heart aches,
Every minute of every day,
Because my greatest fear,
Is the price I have to pay.

I thought, how could it be real,
After the lies that you told,
It made me feel worthless,
Then, my heart became cold.

You would always just say,
what I wanted to hear,
At least now I know,
How you really feel, my dear.

I don’t know which hurts more,
Thinking you love me,
Then finding out you don’t.
Or wanting you to love me,
Then realizing you won’t.

Even though, I know now,
That it couldn’t be true,
I was still there….
and to me….
It felt like love with you.

Letting go of something,
That you never even had,
Confused, and having questions,
So many that it drives you mad.

So, is this my curse forever?
Living with a broken heart?
That man holding my life,
Was he just an actor, playing a part?

Saying you don’t know me,
I don’t know how you could,
You never even tried, you….
just ran away from all that’s good.

So, shall we end it like this?
And never look back?
How was it so easy for you?
That’s another quality I lack.

I promise, I will never forget,
Your soul piercing green eyes,
The magical way they sparkled,
Telling me all those cruel lies.

But, that is in my head,
And my heart doesn’t hear,
It doesn’t accept reality,
Or reason, logic, or fear.

It beats while I’m asleep at night,
It beats while I’m awake in the day,
And all it ever fucking says to me,
Is that it wants you to stay.

Whether you love me,
Whether you don’t,
Whether you will,
Or whether you won’t.

Hearts are for feeling,
They don’t know how to lie,
When they break into pieces,
The pain makes you wanna die.

I gave away my heart,
A very long time ago,
I tried to take it back,
But it doesn’t want to let go.

So, I look around now….
And I try to see….
What does life even mean?
Without you and me?

If you would come close,
I’m certain you’d hear,
Steady sounds composing,
Something to ease your fear.

Then you could hold me,
And whisper in my ear….
How you love being with me,
And having me near….

That nothing really matters,
If we end up apart….
Cause we are connected,
Your heart to my heart.

Tell me you’d miss me,
With each pulsating beat,
that my name is a rhythm,
Stuck playing on repeat….

Say your heart hears mine,
And it hears me clearly,
How you were my world,
And how I loved you dearly.

Only trying to love you,
I’m sorry I did it wrong,
All I ever wanted???
To be your favorite song.

So….if you don’t mind,
To tell it just one more lie,
Tell it anything you want,
Just please….don’t tell it goodbye.