The Tale of a Mermaid’s Love

Here’s a tale of a mermaid,
That was prized for her heart,
She was mercilessly hunted,
Preyed upon from the start.

They would track her down,
Staying hot on her trail,
Her scent of vulnerability,
A highly intoxicating smell.

Setting the perfect trap,
A seasoned hunters dream,
He cunningly lures her in,
He needs her help, so to seem.

Her supply is soon captured,
It’s warm, soothing, and sweet.
Engulfed in primal addiction,
Growing needs she struggles to meet.

She was raised perfectly soft,
To be a divine energetic treat,
Praised for being a hero,
Accomplishing an incredible feat.

They fed her the usual,
How it’s selfish not to share,
Especially if we have plenty,
It’s how we show others we care.

Proudly, she kept her promise,
To help the creatures of the sea,
She gave all of herself,
And she even did it for free…

She was sold a box of purpose,
Secured with ribbon, tied in a bow,
Bought into this faithful mission,
Sacrificing herself, so others could grow.

If she ever lost herself for fuel,
The love she received in return,
Would be stored inside that box,
A secret stash of energy to burn.

In the eleventh hour, she tugged on that ribbon, squinting to see,
She had put all of her faith upon,
A box that was fucking empty!

In the afterlife she is finally free,
nothing left to lose or to take,
She has no mission or purpose,
No heart for you to break,

Trapped deep within sea shells,
Like the waves of her spirit,
Hold it to your ear and like magic,
Her love, kept perfectly so you can hear it!


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I'm tired of hiding. I'm out of patience for watering myself down. I'm done with holding it all in. Burying it, running away from it, pretending, ignoring, brushing it to the side, deflecting it, judging it, and refusing to accept it and pushing people away. The last apology I'm making, is to myself. This is me; my innocence, my darkness, my light, my hope, my pain, my losses, and my lessons. Just feel it!

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